City of Art.

The initial inspiration for City of Art was the music of Claude Debussy and the city of Paris. During the recent pandemic, when all my performances were cancelled, there was suddenly time for reflection, research and quiet practice. I embarked on a journey studying Debussy’s works and realised that every work I played encapsulated an aspect of Paris in the Belle Époque. Much of his music was inspired by the art, culture and obsessions of the era. Paris was not the only avant-garde city in Europe at the time.

I became interested in the new ways of expression emerging in Vienna, Barcelona and other cities. Artists from all disciplines travelled across cities sitting in cafes exchanging ideas and inspiring each other. This is what inspired me. City of Art would become a new platform for artists, collaborative and multidisciplinary, breaking barriers between artforms, artists and audiences. It would be educational, encouraging audiences to explore new paths while giving them a multi-dimensional experience. Lastly it could be instrumental in ameliorating the problem of dwindling audiences and essentially encouraging more young people to engage with the arts.

– Lucia Micallef, Producer

The Sensual by Franz Stuck, c.1891